Using DreamTending, Ancestral and Spirit Medicine, Creativity and Journeys to reveal Healing, Guidance and other Life Mysteries.


Maybe you stand with me in feeling there are  layers of meaning and message in your dreams—mysterious, often whimsical communications that are seeking to get your attention. Maybe you would love to enter into deeper, conscious dialog with dream beings and so receive the personal guidance, healing and insights they hold.  That’s all true for me, and that was what took me to Dreamtending.

The practice of DreamTending involves going back into the dream using active imagination, resulting in the experience of something akin to a shamanic journey. Together, we embark on a journey of curiosity and discovery, creating relationships with dream figures who offer themselves up as teachers, healers and guides. We uncover fields of richness which spark creativity and imagination, while opening the doorway to the mystery in our waking lives. Tending dreams lit by the fire of presence, curiosity and imagination is a deep dive into uncovering our own creativity, soul voice, and the vast realm of possibilities always available to us.

Beyond dream interpretation, DreamTending is a way of working with dream which opens our senses to the multidimensional quality that is present in our lives—always—and wakes us up to our deepest selves, our connection to the world around us, and the gifts we have to share. Through dialog with those who come to us in our dreams, we meet our tribe of inner Oracles who generously share wisdom, guidance and inspiration—empowering us to move through our lives with a newfound illumination and clarity.

I have found that going through the portal of dream not only takes us to our soul voice and calling, but it leads us straight into the Dream of Nature. Using creativity in the form of visual art, shamanic journeying, and writing, we go into the Natural World and learn to listen and share in the experience of the World Dream. Through engaging with the Oracles that live within us, we are introduced to ways of relating and listening to the voice of nature. Through using the vehicle of our creativity, we are guided still more deeply into living a more integrated, holistic and magical life.

Be willing to open to creativity, to your imagination, to curiosity, to childlike wonder. Be open to surprises, to magic, to discovery, to adventure, to transformation, and to the guidance of your soul.

Journey with me to the voice of your deepest longing, and into the guidance of your heart. Be open to listening, to seeing, to experiencing in new ways.

Tending the Oracle Within through DreamTending

Private sessions. Group work also available upon request. Each private session is 75 minuets of deep dive into dreamtime. Each session builds on the next, offering take away work to deepen the experience and bring it into your daily life. This includes creative work, a dream “praxis” and other inspired offerings.

$111.00 per session. 

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Dreamtending and Oracle reading combination

Combining dreamtending with oracle reading, we receive surprising and magical insights into our inner world and the connection to our soul, unique voice, heart and life. Guidance, inspiration, creativity and healing emerge and we move forward empowered and with greater clarity.

$125.00 per session. About 90 minutes long.

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Spirit-Tended Healing

Spirit tended counseling and healing using oracular guidance, ancestral healing, dreamtending, and intuitive, compassionate spirit based healing.

What is Spirit Tended healing?

Through intuitively connecting with the compassionate, bright spirits who lend their help and guidance for the healing of others, I facilitate bringing focused attention to that which is ready to shift. A treatment varies depending on what the need is and what Spirit determines is in alignment with the clients total wellbeing at this time.

Please reach out to me for a free consultation if you are interested in learning more.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is a form of spiritual healing which combines the traditions of ancient Chinese Five Element medicine and the indigenous practice of using plant spirits for healing. It has its roots in ancestral traditions, and though it has been largely forgotten in our society, it has been practiced in one form or another by medicine people around the world throughout time.

Unlike many other plant based healing modalities, in Plant Spirit Medicine no part of the physical plant is used or administered, but rather the spirit of the plant is called upon and it offers its help.

Continued Plant Spirit Medicine treatments over time, not only re-awaken and fortify our connection with Spirit and with the natural world, but through reaching into the deepest layers of a person, the plants bring balance and support to our core. Over time, and from that deep place, the healing grows and unfolds into a blossoming that reaches up through the layers of years of complexity and compensation, establishing harmony and wellbeing throughout the entire system. Over and over again, I have experienced and seen this ancient medicine bring deep healing, upliftment and transformation to all areas of a persons life, as it carries us away from feeling separate and into a life of wholeness, flow and joy.

Plant Spirit Medicine healing

Intake, about 2 hours— $145.00
Currently not accepting new clients

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Follow up healing sessions about 1 hour— $111.00
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Plant studies and Journeys to the plant spirits

Solo or group work offered. Plants are our teachers and healers and are very willing to share their gifts with us when we approach them with respect and honoring. In this offering, we go into the natural world and do in-person plant studies and journeys in the tradition of Plant Spirit medicine. We come away with a deeper sense of the living spirit of plants—and a more intimate connection with them and with the natural world. This is a very healing practice that empowers us in the art of listening, observing and opening ourselves to the magic present within and around us.

2.5 hours—solo $165.00. For group rates send an inquiry.

Interacting in a sacred way with Nature through art

Solo or group work offered. This experience involves a combination of shamanic journeying to plant and stone spirits in a natural setting, followed by creating artistic offerings to these elements of the Natural world. These creations are made using organic materials—earth pigments, earth clay and other natural elements— and are akin to the Tibetan sand mandala tradition. They are temporary creations made with deep honoring as an offering to the beings in the natural landscape, to be taken by the weather beings in their own time.

3 hours—solo $195.00. For group rates send an inquiry.


Oracle Readings

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Do you have decisions or choices to make that have you stumped? Do you long for life purpose, spiritual and soul affirming reflections? If any of these questions describes where you are in your life, a consultation with the oracle could be the perfect support for you.

The readings we do together are a dynamic, deep dive into inquiry and curiosity in which we open our minds and hearts to receive the messages of the oracle. Surprising insights, direction, and even healing are revealed as we address current life issues you bring to the table for guidance.

In my oracle readings I use the Tulku Oracle deck——a deck I created which includes a collection of 53 cards representing the different symbols, archetypes and totems of the Tulku Jewels amulet collection.

I have found in doing readings that each card speaks differently based not only on the particular medicine it brings, but on the client and the moment in life it is mirroring. While the extensive interpretations in the Tulku Oracle book are intended to illuminate, reflect and guide as clearly as possible, having a personal reading in which we listen to the unique voice of the oracle at the time of our ask is an intuitive, richly insightful, often transformative journey. 

The cards are intended to be portals into the realm of soul and dream, each with a living presence that invites us to learn about our own inner worlds through listening to the particular wisdom and insights they bring. I love companioning others in this process of discovery, and together listening to the emergence of the voice of soul. 


Discover the Tulku Oracle

Tulku Oracle Readings

Using the Tulku Oracle deck together we do a deep dive into your query. Through tending the cards we discover wisdom, guidance and inspiration to illuminate this chapter in your life. Uncover the voice of your soul and receive healing and guidance from the archetypes, totems, symbols and mystery that live in the cards.

$111.00—About 60-75 minutes long.

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Dreamtending and Oracle reading combination

By going deeper into a dream or key life experience and meeting it through the language of symbols for better understanding, we receive surprising and magical insights into our inner world and the connection to our soul, unique voice, heart and life. Using the tools of dreamtending and oracle reading for guidance—inspiration, creativity and healing emerge and we move forward empowered and with greater clarity.

$135.00 per session. About 90 minutes long

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Package offering in combination with Tulku Jewels and Artwork

I offer a 25% discount to my Oracle reading clients who are interested in purchasing an amulet to support their journey. See for the amulets and please reach out to me if you are interested.

Oracle Artwork

— If there is an image that speaks out to you from our reading together, you can order a print to incubate your connection to the image and the guidance that arises.

Order Prints Here

Work With Me

I invite you to schedule a free 20-minute discovery session to see if what I offer speaks to you.

Could it be a mentorship?  A one-time oracular discovery process? A special amulet to support you in the work you are doing? An image born from a dream? A journey back into a significant dream? Ancestral healing work? Spirit Healing, All of the above?

Together let’s see what wants to come forward for you. I look forward to the opportunity to do this work together.Schedule your free 15-minute discovery session

Ancestral Healing

Welcome in the potent healing support of your ancestors through this profoundly timely and impactful work. Ancestral healing is a powerful tool to heal multi-generational trauma and imbalances born in large part from colonization and separation from the natural world.

Cultural myths have deep roots in our past, and we carry them in our bones in very real ways. Often without our awareness ancient history as lived through our ancestors— colors our life experience dramatically—affecting our relationships and the world in profound ways.

On this healing journey we are able to tend to deep layers within ourselves and make the lifetime offering of helping our lineages heal, find peace, and be at their most vibrant. In doing so, we not only open to receive the blessings that are available to us, but we connect with our indigeneity and find forgiveness.

Through guiding you in re-connection with your ancestors, I invite you to experience a deeper sense of belonging, clarity of purpose, inner knowing, understanding, integration and compassion—for self and others.

It’s time.

My people on my mother’s side were early settler colonialists to North America, primarily from Britain, Scotland and Ireland. My father came from Galicia, Spain in his early 30’s. I grew up bilingual and have a very close relationship with my Galician family and the land they live on. I currently live in the Rocky mountains of Colorado, in Ute and Arapahoe traditional lands.

I am a certified Ancestral Medicine practitioner with Dr. Daniel Foor, from

I offer low income and package options as well, please reach out to learn more. 

I also offer sessions in Spanish.

Book a free, 20 minute discovery session to see if this is the right work for you!

Packages of five sessions for a discounted rate are available at a reduced rate of $85.00 per session. Individual sessions are $95.00 per session. 
Please reach out for more information. 


Katie Troy

Karla, thank you so much for your work with dream tending and Oracle readings. You’ve helped clarify so much of what is going on inside of me.  I’ve been amazed by the depth of wisdom each of my dreams holds and I am endlessly blown away by how much I learn through this work. Each time we journey into one of my dreams together, your poignant questions guide me to the true meaning and presence of the characters and symbols that show up. I’m seriously so amazed how even the simplest dream can teach me profound truths about my experience and my path. The insight this work provides me has been indispensable in many decisions I’ve made. You’ve helped me feel more aligned with my inner guidance than ever. I would not be the same person  I am without this work. I now feel like I have this team of dream characters supporting me on my journey. You have helped bring light and life where there was darkness and uncertainty.

Suzi von Mensenkampff

I had a dream that I awoke from and sensed there was more to it, my gut said so. Soon after I saw a post by Karla mentioning “Dreamtending” – I had no idea what that was but felt very drawn to find out more. I set up an appointment and with Karla’s easy going presence I shared the dream and she guided the process that emerged. It was an easy effortless experience which seemed to reveal the deeper aspects and messages from that dream. Together we seemed to uncover the hidden gold and I really felt so much clarity at the end. I highly recommend you give yourself a gift of a Dreamtending Session with Karla, you will be amazed!

Maggie Merritt

I had an Oracle card reading with my sister-friend Karla yesterday. Her words came across like poetry and cracked my heart open wide. During the reading, the cards told an intimate story about my life, based on the questions I asked.

The experience was beautiful, illuminating, and left me with lots to work with as I move forward. I HIGHLY recommend her if you’d like a clear reflection about what you are working with at this moment in time. .

Side Note: she’s also an artist and created each of the cards in her deck. #masterpractitioner #beautifulhealer #artistextraordinaire.

Quinn Barrett

I’m happy to recommend Karla as a wonderful healer and light worker. I’ve done a number of PSM sessions with her and each one has resulted in deep, useful metaphysical information. I’m very particular about who I’ll work with, but I felt guided to find Karla and I’m glad I followed that prompting.

Maralyn Kurshals

Karla Refoxo’s Oracle Cards are divinely inspired profound images  that create messages of wisdom and guidance. She has painted both ancient symbols and unique visions, I received a reading from Karla that brought me tremendous comfort and insight to my relationships and a health concern.

Her gentle and authentic interpretations of her cards allowed  me to engage with her in seeing the meanings. She  did not tell but guided the answers with me.Karla is a gifted artist but a wise and down to earth healer.

I highly recommend Karla Refoxo’s Oracle Card Readings . I know  you will find a clearer and deeper connection within your heart.

Krissy Aguayo

I experienced a dream tending with Karla and what an experience it was! Rather than tell me symbolism, she walked me back through the dream, together we extracted feelings within the dream. Providing  much insight, medicine was brought forth that will last throughout this lifetime and into the next. I am now reconnected to an deceased ancestor while alive had a profound impact on my life, along with two other powerful helping spirits, we are all now profoundly bonded. Karla’s passion and light is palpable, she truly works with her soul in this life. I highly recommend you listen to your heart and book with her. I obtained antidote for any confusion and confirmation of intuition. My deepest gratitude for you Karla and for all of your gifts that you present to the world.

Teresa Henke

I was one of your backers on Kickstarter and since the day I received the Oracle cards, I have pulled one every day.  They are beautiful beyond words.  Your art is just stunning.  But I have to say in addition to your art, the messages in the book are unbelievable.  Your words, your thoughts, and the wisdom that flows through you is extraordinary.  I use many of your phrases in my daily prayers, you have such a beautiful poetic way of writing your prose.  Each message seems like it was written just for me, and as you know Oracle cards are such a Divine messenger.  I kiss my book every day because it is so precious to me, what you write, and what you have put out in the world.  Some of my friends have purchased the Oracle set from you and I will be buying another one for my sister’s birthday next year.  This offering is such a treasure.

Jen Casper

Hi! I can honestly say I am the proud owner of a Tulku Oracle deck. I wanted to reach out and tell you I am beyond impressed with this deck. I have close to 300 decks, and this is by far my favorite. It is powerful just sitting in the box. When you take the cards out, it is like opening up a different realm. You are stepping into a powerhouse of knowledge and possibilities. The questions are “Are you prepared for what you will find? Do you know what you are looking for?” This oracle is not your ordinary everyday oracle deck. It is a space that is held for you to heal, to be inspired, to grow, and to have insight that only the Universe can provide. This is a tool that will take you from where you are to where you desire to be if you follow the guidance held within your hands. Absolutely Divine.

Kitty Johnson

Oh gosh! I just wrote a veritable essay of praise and it evaporated. The artist has created a multidimensional piece of art which we can visit for insight endlessly. I am excited to dive deep into the images and text on a long term journey. Learning and refreshment are offered here.❤️


Love this deck. Soft texture of cards, the artwork is so beautiful & inspiring. The Insightful meaning & descriptions of the oracles of life resonates deeply. The book that accompanies is very descriptive & so well done. The box it came in is so nice, padded & elegant. I’ve already used this oracle in my daily morning ritual for inspiration and will continue to. Thank you Karla for your gift but also for your amazing customer service. I look forward to future works from you & excited to explore your Tulku Jewels line of jewelry.

About Karla

Karla Refoxo with MaxI love Dreams, Art, Nature, Imagination and connecting with my Intuition. For me, they are the portals to the unseen realms and the Oracle Within. This combination—that brings me insight and delight— is what I passionately want to share with you.

My long spiritual journey has manifested as many and varied offerings—artist, intuitive, sacred jewelry designer/ business creator, oracle deck and book creator, yogi, pilgrim, Plant Spirit Medicine healer, Spirit Tended healer, Dream Tender, oracle reader and Ancestral Medicine practitioner. Lacing them together has been a gradual and guided process, as one doorway leads me to the next and new ones open. As an animist, I feel compelled by the ancestors and by divine in all things, and these are the places they have led me.

Art making has ever been my way of expressing a rich inner world. Soul has always been the oceanic undertow, and Spirit the owls wings. Allowing an oracular kind of creation to unfold through color and form is the giving birth I have experienced and the children I nourish. Inspired by nature in all her forms the palette is infinite. Dreams, sacred sites, the land and ancestors are the ones who tell me what to do. One of those things they told me to do was make amulets. In the old way, in the talismanic tradition of embodied support, alchemy and magic.

My art, spirituality, ancestor and spirit work, dreams and oracle are all a part of who I am and my unique offering. They are what I was given so I could play my part and serve and support others on their transformational journeys. I am passionate about helping others engage and take hold of their own particular gifts and voice through ancestral medicine, dreamtending, spirit tended healing and oracle readings. I long to see you in your true power and wholeness and to help you discover and understand the unique language of your oracle within. If this resonates with you, please reach out to me. I promise to hold space in the most honoring way as I establish the ritual container and provide guidance for your reconnection with your ancestors, tend to your dreams and listen to what the oracle has to say. With respect and curiosity, I will guide you as you go deep to meet and listen to the voice of your people, clarify your soul purpose and receive direct inspiration from your oracle within.

Curious about the jewelry?

The Tulku amulets are talismanic offerings. Who doesn’t need all that goodness manifest in a blessed and beautiful creation? One that carries living earthly metals and stones tended to with great honoring, love and care. Created through a Newar priests’ masterful hands and heart in conversation with the metals and stones, together sharing the purpose of bringing healing support into peoples’ lives. We respect the sacrifice the metal and stone beings have made in that Tulku kind of way, the one of leaving their earthly home to come into peoples lives to uplift and bring beauty. And we invite our customers relate to these amulets in that way as well.

Want to see the deck?

The Tulku Oracle cards are painted offerings. Painted with layered on photos, drawings, paint, love and intention. They carry wisdom that isn’t mine to share, in terms of owning it, rather it’s dropped in, received kind of wisdom. The kind that the trees share when I go sing to them up on the mountain, the earth and the sky and the birds and the rocks chiming in. The kind that show up when I connect with a spirit being who has something to say. That journey continues now with the ancestral oracle deck I’m slowly creating.

As an artist and animist—one who honors and respects all lifeforms— I deeply value the vibrant beauty of diversity. I stand with like-hearted others in holding the passionate vision of a world in which gender inclusivity, racial equity and Earth reconnection are upheld for and by all peoples.

I offer all of my services in both Spanish and English.

In grateful appreciation of my teachers…

Eliot Cowan
Plant Spirit Medicine healer training, and many years of sacred Pilgrimage.

Dr. Stephen Aizenstat
Dreamtending Levels one- three certifications.

Dr. Daniel Foor
Ancestral Medicine practioner training.

Dr. Thomas Huebl
Ancestral Healing Journey online course.

Wangdu Lama Rinpoche

Maris Bergune—Advanced Ritual Healing training and ongoing Oracular Mediumship training


And the many others in this realm and the next.

I currently reside and treat people in the beautiful mountain community outside of Boulder—Jamestown, CO.