Spirit Mountain Lion

Four-Step Protection Practice

This recording is based on a 4 step protection practice that I learned with Dr. Daniel Foor in the Ancestral Medicine practitioner training. It is especially helpful to turn to when your boundaries (energetic or otherwise) feel wobbly and need some fortification.

I advise folks to incorporate this practice into their every day routine. If you do so, you will find over time that the process unfolds more quickly, that you feel generally more grounded, and that your boundaries are more stable.

As you do the practice, notice places that take a while to unfold. Notice if it’s hard to ground, if you sense interference that won’t go away, or if the boundaries take a while to be established.

If you need to pause the recording at any time to take more time with any of the steps, please do so.

This can act as a diagnostic tool that you can then share in Spirit Tended healing or Ancestral Medicine sessions, which in turn will enable you to benefit more fully in the work we do together.